The core values of ATS Electric, Inc. involve building and maintaining a strong, stable company that provides an excellent working environment, a nourishing corporate culture, industry-leading wages, exemplary supplier/vendor relationships and a commensurate return on investment for shareholders.

Central to these are enlightened management practices ensuring an ability to deliver a level of customer service unique within our industry; one expressed by our slogan, We Care. A large We Care sign is displayed in our warehouse. It is a slogan that embodies myriad principles we embrace as an organization.

We Care that our clients satisfy their clients; that our clients receive the highest quality installation; that we provide products that meet or exceed specifications; that jobs are completed on time or sooner; that paperwork is accurate and timely; that proposals and change orders are fair: that we proactively use our expertise to identify potential problems and exercise the initiative to offer appropriate solutions.

We Care that our employees can provide a good life for their families; that they are given training opportunities to foster personal growth; that they are proud of -- and fulfilled through -- their job.

We Care that vendors and suppliers are treated fairly; that they consider us one of their best clients; that they make a good profit and are paid on time.

We Care that we take every possible opportunity to improve the community in which we live and work.

ATS has found that when each and every decision is filtered through this simple philosophy, it develops satisfied and loyal repeat customers, dedicated and productive employees and motivated suppliers and vendors.

At ATS Electric, our clients dream of an electrical contractor who is part of the solution, not the problem. Our employees dream about completing jobs they can be proud of and working somewhere they enjoy. Our vendors dream of an effortless process and timely payment.

We make these dreams a reality. Hire us and your job will be done better than you imagined. Work for us and your job will become something you love. Sell to us and watch your own business become more successful.

ATS Electric, Inc. • Getting The Job Done.



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